Tropic Junior Snorkel Set

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Spark your active youngster's never ending curiosity with some splashing underwater exploration with the US Divers Tropic Junior Snorkel and Fin Set. A superb choice for a big day out at the beach, this snorkel and fin set features a hypoallergenic, silicone skirt mask designed for smaller faces ensuring a comfortable fit and tight seal; while quick release 3 way buckles offer an easy and adjustable fit to accommodate growing underwater adventurers. Flexible open heel fins with an adjustable heel strap provide a quick and easy do it your self fit and ensure smooth swimming through the surf. Expand the depths of your child's imagination and show them a whole new world just beneath the waves with the US Diver's Tropic Junior Snorkel and Fin Set.

    • Mask specifically designed to fit young faces

    • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt offers a soft comfortable fit and tight seal

    • Quick release 3 way buckles provide an adjustable fit for custom fittings

    • Large wide lenses deliver exceptional range of vision

    • Submersible dry top snorkel keeps water out for effortless diving

    • Soft, hypoallergenic Silicone mouth piece ensures comfortable breathing

    • Easily clear water build up with one way purge valve

    • Adjustable fins ensures a quick fit and smooth propulsion through the water

    • Convenient carry bag for easy storage and transport

  • Great choice for kids keen on exploring underwater worlds


  • Smaller mask delivers a kid friendly fit
  • Quick release buckles ensure a custom and comfortable fit
  • Open heel fins with adjustable strap ensure a quick fit