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Swim Fins - MP Alpha Pro

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    The MP Alpha Pro Swim Fins unique design mimics the shape of your feet, allowing you to kick in a more natural position and shape your kick in the proper way. Their EVA Foam Construction not only offers good resistance to strengthen your kicking movement, but makes the Alpha Pro Fins 70% Lighter than traditional swim fins, making them more comfortable whilst improving your body position in the water.  


    • Add resistance to your kicking movement and build true swimming-specific Leg Strength
    • Increase you Ankle Flexibility
    • Let you to swim at a Race Tempo without fatiguing prematurely
    • Improve your Kicking Technique 


    Alpha Pro Swim Fins Unique Shape by Michael Phelps

    gives an enhanced surface area that mimics your feet for a more natural kicking motion

    Swim Fins that are 70% Lighter

    70% LIGHTER
    than traditional rubber swim fins to increase comfort and improve your body position

    Short Blade Swim Fins by Michael Phelps

    to maintain your natural kicking/stroke tempo. Located on top of foot for optimum power

    Swim Fins Made From Rigid EVA Foam

    100% EVA FOAM
    ultra durable, closed cell foam that won’t sink or waterlog, ensuring enhanced propulsion





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    mesh-bag-add-on.jpgMESH BAG - $19.99 (save $5)
    Quick-drying Mesh Gear Bag with interior pocket

    backpack-add-on.jpgBACKPACK - $59.99 (save $20) 
    Tough, rugged and big enough for all your swim gear


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    1. Swim fins

      I love these swimming fins! They seem to make my daily swim routine so much easier but I feel every kick! This is my second pair I really think they are great!!! Delivery was so quick I was totally impressed in this time of restricted travelling I did expect they would take ages to arrive but seriously it was only a couple of days! on 2nd May 2020

    2. full body work out

      I love these fins. They promote such a great leg motion that works my core when I swim. I prefer this shape over traditional fins. on 8th Feb 2020

    3. Loved the Aqua Pro Fins

      Fantastic product and awesome service so thankyou. Needed to adjust kick technique from the Speedo Swim Fins but wow what an improvement! Strain on ankles and knees is gone due to light weight so could not be happier. on 3rd Dec 2019

    4. Excellent training fins

      Excellent light weight training fins, that have inherent buoyancy. Find a size comparison chart online to convert American sizing to Australian shoe sizes. Shipping was great- next day delivery. on 30th May 2019

    5. Awesome

      Bought a pair of MP Alpha Pro swim fins. Been using Speedo swim fins for months and this was an easy transition. A better fitting fin and the weight difference is unparalleled. Also love that I don't have to dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve them when taking them off, very cool. on 23rd May 2019

    6. Happy

      Just purchased a pair of Swim Fins - MP Alpha Pro. They work well for my weak knees and help strengthen my ankles. A bit hard to put on, but very comfortable and light when swimming. The best thing is I can take them with me to travel and not weight my luggage down. Very happy with my new flippers on 9th May 2019

    7. Lovely fit.

      Spent my life using 1 other brand. Decided there must be something better and found these.
      Great flippers. Light boyant and comphy.
      The unusual cut works well. Really happy with them.
      on 28th Mar 2019

    8. Lightweight and comfortable

      My daughter swims in competitive squad 4 times a week. The MP fins have helped her to perfect her kicking and improve the body stability. She knocked 5 seconds off her personal best across 3 strokes. on 23rd Jan 2019

    9. Fantastic swimm fin

      I just brough a pair of MP swim fins and they work awesome compared to my old pair. They're light so I can carry around anywhere, beach, pool or training . So comfortable to put on and Nice colour on 13th Jan 2019

    10. Work of art

      Looks great, feels great. Very lightweight in the water. Feels a bit tight but it's supposed to be like that. My trainer saw them, loved them, and she's now getting a pair for her son. Great find on 10th Feb 2018

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