Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised Ladies Goggles

Kayenne Polarised Ladies Swim Goggles

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    Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised Ladies Swimming Goggles 

    Crystal Clear 180° Vision

    The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised Ladies Goggles have unique, oversized lenses that use patented curved lens technology to give you an expanded 180° field of vision. The lenses are made from Plexisol, a material that is ultra durable (10x stronger than glass and 100x lighter) and distortion free. The vision is further enhanced by Aqua Sphere’s advanced polarised lens technology to reduce glare and a special anti fog treatment for uninterrupted clarity. Out of the water, a scratch resistant coating will help keep the goggles free from scratches and they also come with a hard, protective goggle case. All Aqua Sphere Goggles have 100% UV protection, ideal for Australia and New Zealand where we experience some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world.

    A Comfortable, Leak Free Fit

    Kayenne Ladies Goggles are a smaller fit to more comfortably fit the naturally smaller female face..

    The Gaskets in Aqua Sphere Googles have an exclusive shape that ensures the sealing portion of the skirt gently conforms to the swimmer’s face for a comfortable, leak free fit that won’t leave marks around your eyes. This extraordinary comfort is enhanced by the use of Softeril, a proprietary material much softer and gentler than materials used in traditional swimming goggles. One Touch Buckles make strap adjustments quick and easy, whilst the stabilising nose bridge keeps fitting secure and comfortable. The strap is made from surgical grade silicone for comfort and longevity.   

    Superior Performance

    The Kayenne Polarised Ladies Goggles have a streamlined design with a low profile micro-frame that keep the goggles close to the swimmer’s face, reducing the internal volume for superior hydrodynamics. Used by professional athletes around the world, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised Ladies Goggles are one of the best performance swimming goggles on the market today.

    Kayenne Polarised Ladies Swimming Goggles are a great choice for open water swimming, competing in a triathlon or swimming laps in the pool.

    Aqua Sphere Kayenne Polarised Swim Goggles are also available in a Regular Unisex Fit



    ENVIRONMENT : Outdoors - Bright conditions 

    Polarised lenses offer improved colour and depth perception by filtering out the sun’s horizontal light rays to eliminate glare reflected off the water, increasing contrast for a sharper and improved vision and reducing eye strain.

    Kayenne Goggles are available in a range of different lens options. Take a look at the full range here.


    SMALLER LADIES FIT - Designed to comfortably fit the naturally smaller female face. 

    CURVED LENS TECHNOLOGY - Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lens technology offers the clearest possible visibility through superior optics engineering based on 3 key placed radii, virtually eliminating distortion while delivering an uninterrupted, 180° wide field of vision with exceptional hydrodynamics. 

    PLEXISOL LENS - Sourced in Italy with excellent anti-fog properties. Ten times stronger then glass and 100 times lighter, Plexisol is ultra durable and distortion free. 

    QUICK FIT BUCKLES - An easy to operate, push button buckle adjustment makes tightening and loosening quick and simple, even while wearing.

    SOFTERIL - A proprietary material substantially softer and gentler to the face versus the traditional TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) materials used by other brands. It is shape-retaining, hypoallergenic and contains no harmful material.

    STABILISING NOSE BRIDGE - Providing great dimensional stability and comfort.

    ANTI FOG - Lenses are protected by special anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments. 

    LATEX FREE - All Aqua Sphere goggles and swim mask materials are hypoallergenic and latex free. 

    SILICONE STRAP - Surgical grade Silicone provides optimum, long-lasting comfort and product longevity. 

    PROTECTIVE GOGGLE CASE - Packaging is designed to be used as a protective goggle case.

    100% UVA / UVB PROTECTION - Essential protection against the high levels of UV radiation experienced in Australia and New Zealand.

    WARRANTY - 12 month limited warranty

    MADE IN ITALY - All Aqua Sphere Swimming Goggles are made in Italy with superior research, craftsmanship and design.

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    1. Great

      Good fit, comfortable, great in the sun. on 20th Sep 2019

    2. Best goggles I’ve ever had!

      Love these goggles as always find it hard to get some that fit my face, don’t leak and are comfortable! These fit the bill perfectly. In addition - they last, don’t leave marks or fog!

      Got my first pair two years ago and have only just started to leak a tiny bit, bought a new pair as have a half-Ironman in May and I don’t want leaks or to risk not having a spare!

      They might initially seem more expensive but are so worth it.
      on 4th Mar 2019

    3. Easy to Fit and Don't leave Indentations

      I can highly recommend these swim goggles, which I located via google. I was sick of having pinching and indentations beneath each eye for hours after swimming and was becoming worried I would be causing permanent skin changes. As soon as I put them on - they felt different. No pressure under my eyes and no taking 2 laps to readjust my googles to get a good seal. They were an immediate fit with amazing vision. I can now enjoy my lap swimming without the after effects! on 11th May 2017

    4. Great product

      I am very satisfied with these polarised goggles. They provide great protection from sun glare and give excellent clarity. It is the first pair of goggles that i have been able to wear for a full training session 1.5hrs without taking them off. No fog and no leaks i am very glad i purchased these, primarily based on another person's review. So glad i did. on 8th Oct 2016

    5. best goggles ever

      really light weight the polarised lenses are a great feature would def recommend on 25th Apr 2016

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