Benefits of Swimming Laps

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Swimming is a great activity for both your body and mind! There are many benefits of swimming; so we hope the 5 listed below inspire you to get into the pool if you aren’t already!

Swimming is kind to your body. Due to the low impact of swimming on your body, you can get a great work out without the damage experienced from weight bearing exercise. For those of you with dodgy knees, or other conditions that make weight bearing exercise painful, swimming is the perfect form of exercise for you!

It is a great full body work out. Water is denser than air, so there is more resistance in the pool than when training on land. So it is a great activity for building muscle strength in your legs, upper body and core! Not to mention burning calories!

It’s good for your heart and lungs. Because your head is underwater when you swim, you need to make breathing adjustments which assist in strengthening your breathing muscles. So is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness!

You get time out! With your head under the water, it means you get a moment to tune out and de-stress! Being in water can have a calming effect, and allow you to practice some mindfulness.

It will make you better at other sports. Whether you are a keen runner, cyclist or footballer swimming is a fantastic cross training activity. Not only is the low impact nature of swimming good for recovery and injury prevention, the cardiovascular benefits can have a great impact on your endurance in your chosen sport.