Become an MP Ambassador



What is Team MP?
Team MP will be a selected team of competition swimmers of all levels and ages, from Australia. Selected team members will be MP Ambassadors for the upcoming season, 1 October 2018 to 31 May 2019.

Who can be on Team MP?
Competitive swimmers of any age, gender or level, we are looking for great brand ambassadors!

Team MP and NCAA Eligibility
If you are considering joining a swimming team at a university or college in the United States of America, you must follow NCAA Eligibility Guidelines to be able to swim on the team. By accepting product or other compensation, it may compromise your NCAA eligibility. NCAA rules apply to students from any country in the world who wishes to join a college or university swim team in the United States.

Please review all rules on the NCAA website: and make an informed decision as to whether to accept product or other compensation from the MP brand.

What is involved in being on Team MP?
We will provide you with an MP Training and Racing Kit. It is expected that MP team members wear only MP for training and racing whist an ambassador. MP team members are actively encouraged to both promote the brand through their social media, and swim network as well as share any race results/pics with us so we can celebrate with you! We will also require a profile picture, and some profile information to place on our website & social media.

How do I apply, and when are applications due?
Please fill out the application form below by the 21st August 2018.

When will I be told if my application was successful?
Only successful applicants will be notified by the 30th August 2018.

View MP Ambassador Terms and Conditions 

If you have any questions on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us