Swim Snorkel by MP Michael Phelps

MP Focus Swim Snorkel

  • Product Description

    The MP Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel features a unique, low-profile design that has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability, allowing the swimmer to focus solely on technique and proper body position by eliminating breathing motion.

    Swim Snorkel Unique Tube

    low-profile, triangular tube reduces drag and inhibits side-to-side rotation

    Swim Snorkel Cushioned Head Rest

    Adjustable and light weight with an integrated cushion to ensure a comfortable fit

    Comfortable Mouthpiece on Swim Snorkel

    made of silicone and designed to minimise jaw fatigue

    Focus Swim Snorkel Purge Valve

    positioned to maximise clearing of excess water with ease


    restrictor-cap-add-on.jpgRESTRICTOR CAP - $11.99
    Restricts breathing by 40% to increase cardiovascular strength and build lung capacity

    bags-add-on.jpgMESH BAG - $19.99 (save $5)
    BACKPACK - $59.99 (save $20) 
    Designed to carry all the swim gear you need


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    1. Best on Market

      I have used many other snorkels in my life as a swimmer, and this MP Focus Snorkel easily trumps all the other models.
      My favourite aspect is the ability of the snorkel to stay still coming off the walls and at higher speeds. In, addition, it is just so solid in its construction and feels very comfortable.
      on 6th Aug 2018

    2. Snorkel MP

      Very Very confortable , much better than others, I purchased a spare, service from Aqua Sphere excellent, highy recommended, Ive tried ohters this MP by far the bestsnorkel on 9th Jul 2018

    3. Snorkel Comparison

      I recently purchased the MP snorkel on line. I have been using a popular snorkel for almost a year and would constantly get water into the snorkel. I was not able to determine if the water was coming from the mouth piece or the snorkel tube but it was entering and I had to clear the snorkel about 4x every 50 meters.
      I needed a snorkel that would not allow the water intake and was the main reason for the MP snorkel.
      It has improved the water issue where I can now go about 150 meters to 200 meters before I need to clear and this is a good improvement over the past snorkel. I am pleased with the performance and allows me to continue my daily 1500 meter swim with less complications.
      on 27th Mar 2018

    4. A comfortable fit, that doesn't affect streamlining

      Bought for my son who is a competitive swimmer. Thanks to the head bracket and mouthpiece, he has been able to wear this snorkel for some time in training without getting a sore jaw. The design is also quite rigid when worn, appearing to minimise any drag that usually occurs. on 3rd Sep 2016

    5. quick delivery

      Very happy with the snorkel. Great training tool. on 16th Jul 2016

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